Pearl Onyx C403

Harlequin White is a black and white marble.  The elegant white colored base presents thick black streaks with greyish edges.

The morphology of the veins of this natural stone is linear. Each one of them forms a beautiful wavy path. These sinuous patterns generate a visual effect of smooth movements that run across the entire surface.

The rhythm of the veins is reinforced by the attractive play of contrasts between black and white. Its extreme chromatism makes Harlequin White a perfect marble for large-format and book-match compositions.

Well-known architects and interior designers use Harlequin White in interior and exterior cladding and interior flooring.  It is usually the absolute protagonist in residential and hotel projects that love contrast and good taste.

TINO offers the Harlequin White black and white marble in the dimensional way (standard thickness) or with the Stonesize system, the solution for lightweight and ultra-resistant large formats. Ask about the finishes and textures available for this material. Check the maximum size per finish. For special finishes, check availability and sizes.