Golden White Quarry

Crystal stone or Chinese stone is the same marble stone, which has been recrystallized due to the thermal pressure caused by the injection of high-temperature magma during long periods of time. Its granulation is crystalline and visible to the eye; whatever the magnitude of its aggregation is larger, it is so-called crystal rock.

Crystal stone or Chinese stone is composed mainly of two minerals, wollastonite and calcite. Crystal rock in Iran is called Chinese stone due to the impact of Chinese glassware.

The crystal rock is mainly dark to bright gray with black and yellow veins.

Chinese stone was used extensively in the buildings’ facades in the past years, but due to the lack of color or the stone, travertine and marble are replaced.

Chinese stone has many usages, facades, staircases, paving stones, pillars, stone tables and stone artifacts to name a few.

Geologically, formation time of this type of stone goes back to Yashozoic. In simpler words, Sirjan stone has low water absorption and high fracture resistance due to its special and powerful structure. Hence, it is widely used by the construction builders and designers in constructional applications like, flooring, facades, walls, stairs and other structures.

The method of their extraction from the mine is done by wire cutting in two ways of soft and hard. Chinese stone have a lower variation and are usually white with aura, yellow and black veins. Chinese stones are solid and well-formed. They are found almost everywhere in a building, even in places where there is a lot of water and especially in health centers. The word crystal is named after the Chinese word in the middle of the people and refers to metamorphic limestone (marble and Chinese) with its large crystals. The color of crystalline rocks is mostly dark gray to bright.